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Course Descriptions

Motivational Interviewing - Basics 
The participant is introduced to the "spirit", history, processes and fundamental skills of Motivational Interviewing through lecture, role plays and a diverse training presentation. The Motivational Interviewing, third edition is the text upon which all classes are based (Miller, Rollnick). Participants will have the opportunity to practice their new skills during this one to two-day session.
Motivational Interviewing - Advanced 
A review of the Basics, plus a workshop to improve upon reflections and complex reflections. The advanced training also brings the full spectrum of Motivational Interviewing to a conclusion by means of creating a sample interview recording which can then be evaluated for further skill-building in the practice of MI.  Often, feedback and evaluation are done remotely which essentially extends the training into an indefinite period beyond the classroom. 
Motivational Interviewing - Refresher 
The refresher is designed to support the practitioner on his/her journey in acquiring MI "Proficiency" by boosting the skill level and reinforcing the method already begun in a Basic or Advanced student.

SBIRT- Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment
This SAMSHA sponsored training provides an introduction to brief motivational interviewing interventions in a variety of health care fields. TVG can assist your faculty, students and managers in this model of evaluation and treatment.  

Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI)
Coding and Coaching

As a recipient of MITI training from the instrument's designer, Theresa B. Moyers, TVG offers review, coding and coaching of recorded samples to provide supervision and improvement in your MI skills. Currently using Manual "'MITI 4.2.1" Once you have reached a level of proficiency, you will receive a certificate of achievement from David Varalli acknowledging your accomplishment! This can be done independently from formal classroom training at a time chosen by the practitioner. 

Real Colors/Personality Instrument 
Learn what your primary personality traits are and how you interact with others. In this fun, team building exercise, you will see how you can be best supported in your work environment as well as in your personal life. You will also learn how to best support others based upon their preferences as determined by their "Real Colors". Facilitator(s) are NCTI certified facilitators of the curriculum.

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